Login Flows ~ Powerful capabilities of Flow ~ winter 15

VisualFlow Feb 1, 2015

Winter '15 introduces a powerful new capability called Login Flows. You can use a login flow to completely customize your login experience, collect and update user data during the login process, integrate with different two-factor authentication methods and more.

How Does it Work?

Create -

  1. Build a login flow using the Flow Designer.
  2. You can build a login flow from scratch or use a pre-created flow like the one provided by Yubico.
  3. You can also use an existing flow and modify it if you want to add more functionality or enforce more policies.

Connect -

All you need to do is go the the new Login Flow page, pick the flow and associate it with a user profile.

check below screenshot


  1. Once you connect a user profile with a flow, every user with that. profile is redirected through the flow during the login process.
  2. First, to invoke a login flow, the user must be authenticated. This also means that login flows don’t allow you to replace the existing Salesforce authentication process; it allows you to integrate new steps or add user participation to the authentication process

Helpful links:

  1. For Sample flows click here
  2. For Detailed Description of Login flows go here

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