About me

7x Salesforce Certified Specialist
Traveller | Tennis | Photography

A Certified Salesforce Platform Specialist with 7+ years of expertise in Sales, Service, Community, Heroku and platform clouds of Salesforce, focusing on solving problems with Salesforce and Integrating other Environments with Salesforce

A brief of technologies other than salesforce includes

Heroku: Deployed web apps using NodeJs with help of nforce npm to connect Salesforce with postgres as backend. And worked on Heroku Connect External Libraries: like AngularJs, jQuery & Bootstrap Frameworks were used on Visualforce pages
Mobile: Developed Responsive pages with help of Visualforce/HTML that renders for various devices like Desktop/Tab/Mobile
IOT: Worked few Demos on Internet of things using Arduino UNO + Salesforce

Certified Salesforce.com Platform Developer II

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