Mahendragiri Trek ~ 4976 ft

Trekking Jul 23, 2016

Trekking encompasses everything I love - nature in its most pristine form, new heights to scale and good company. Of all the outstation treks I have undertaken, my most recent one at Mahendragiri has undoubtedly been the best.

The expedition started out on a low note since it was sunny & humid and the heat was wearing our enthusiasm down. But the clouds returned to bring the smiles on our faces, once we entered the forest. This was what you could call the quintessential trek spanning over 40+ kms across 2 days. We hiked in the sun, drizzle, breeze and rain, everyone aiming to reach the clouds. We trekked across foggy meadows, huddled together, to keep the low light from leading us away from the set track. At the top, we stayed at a Babaji ashram where the hospitality is worth mentioning. Towards the end, we encountered, what I call the WoW factor - a 10+ kms stretch hike under the rain where even the raincoats offered no help. We found ourselves drenched completely. It’s funny the way rain makes everything seem so much more beautiful. We definitely had great time and enjoyed ourselves.

Apart from the activity, I must mention that the group was great. As a team, time passed so much more pleasantly and made our trek much less tiring.

I would recommend the Mahendragiri as a must-visit to anybody who is passionate about nature and long walks and beautiful landscapes.

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Happy Trekking!

Phanindra Mangipudi

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