LWC datatable spinner while loading records

lwc Feb 26, 2020

This post explains how to display a spinner while data is being loaded in background as shown below

In order to achieve this salesforce already provided  is-loading attribute which shows loader when it is set to true but it has an UI glitch where users cant see it properly or users can see only 10% of the loader.

If you set the height of the data-table to 400px or 600px then the spinner appears either before or after data-table  depending on your position.

If you're encountering the same behavior this post is for you.

My Idea behind this post was doing things in asynchronous way. I see many developers just throwing spinners on the page which is blocking entire page where it leaves user to wait & watch.

This post helps you to load lightning-datatable without blocking screen or loading asynchronously which means spinner shows just for data-table

.html file

Here is the code of HTML which shows data-table + spinner,

  • <lightning-datatable /> is used to show data in tabular format
  • <lightning-spinner /> is used to show spinner
  • Keys items in below code are,
    1. _tableHeight which is responsible for setting height of the table which we're doing dynamically using .js
    2. <div> tag above lightning-spinner most importantly  class="slds-spinner_inline spinner-padding" which helps you getting spinner in center + without any container
<div class="cases-data-table" style={_tableHeight}>
    <lightning-datatable key-field="id" 
    <div if:true={casesSpinner} class="slds-spinner_inline spinner-padding">
        <lightning-spinner variant="brand" 
                           alternative-text="Loading Cases"     
.html of LWC

.js file

In this file we will load data to data-table and casesSpinner to show/hide spinner as follows,

  • Initialize casesSpinner = true which shows spinner at the time of page load
  • Once you're ready with your data-table data after assigning it then make casesSpinner = false
  • One more key item would be once CasesSpinner is set to false then set the height of the data-table as this._tableHeight = 'height: 500px;' I set height as 500px but you can set as per your need. If not height is set entire page is shown with data-table rows.
@wire(getAllOpenCases, { partnerId: "$accountId" })
    wiredCases({ error, data }) {
        if (data) {
            this.casesData = data;
            this.casesSpinner = false;
            if (!this.dtLoading) {
                this._tableHeight = 'height: 500px;';
        } else if (error) {
            this.error = error;
            this.dtLoading = false;
.js of LWC

.css file

Not  many changes here but we set the spinner padding just to show spinner after data-table header as shown

.spinner-padding {
  padding-top: 5%;
.css of LWC

Try yourself & comment below with your results

Phanindra Mangipudi

Salesforce, Lightning Web Componets, Node.Js, Angular 2+, Bootstrap