7x Certfied Salsforce.com Professional

Currently working as Solution Engineer , responsible for building Apps over Force.com, various Implementations on Saleforce.com products & Heroku that impress our customers.

I started my career developing .NET applications using C# close to year while still in college . After that, I Joined up with TCS as Salesforce developer and journey continues...

I do posts about Force.com, Visualforce, Apex and JavaScript, CSS, Visualforce Charts using Google Charts & High charts, using Bootstrap in general.

Skills & Certifications

NOTE: Certifications can be verified here (Official Salesforce site)

My Hobbies:

  • Music, I love melodies, Inspired from legendary composers like Yanni, Coldplay & A R Rehman (not to compare). Checkout my playlist. I own Casio - Celviano AP 450

  • Photography,I like capturing portraits & nature, Most of the pictures or background images on my blog were clicked by me. checkout my gallery. I have Canon 600D body 18-55mm, 50mm & 70-300mm Lens

  • Treks, My new interest was trekking started in 2015. After doing 4-5 treks I can say trekking would be one of the best ways to connect nature as we do mostly on high altitude mountain/forests.

  • Cycling, After my schooling I never used bicycle, Started cycling these days. I Own Montra Trance bike.